Many of these suggestions have been speculative so far. There are plenty of comics I think could be high quality shows, but who knows if they would be successful? Except for this entry. Jeff Smith’s Bone should be a cartoon. Now.

Bone is an all ages comics constructed on literary lines. Most great comic work are limited in nature, and are designed with a beginning, middle and end. Bone does this and adds character work too, it is a incredible story that manages to stay kid friendly as well.

I suppose it is a work of fantasy, a 1,300+ page tale of three cousins: one a con man, one an imbecile, and one the protagonist Phone Bone. Somehow they get involved in a massive conflict between Good and Evil that involves the Lord of the Locusts, dragons, a lovely girl named Thorn and her powerful grandmother, and stupid, stupid rat creatures.

I see evidence that they are trying to develop this into a movie. They should stop now. Bone is exceptional because (among dozens of reasons) it is unhurried, and situations and characters develop gradually. Boiling it down takes away a lot of the things that make it special. This needs to a be on television.