“Shaolin Cowboy” is quite a bit of fun, a rollicking adventure that follows a nameless, mute Shaolin monk and his sarcastic talking donkey as they fight numerous monsters, the undead, and the idea of exposition. It is honestly a shaggy dog story, but artist Geof Darrow produces some of the most amazing art I’ve ever seen in a comic.

It only ran 7 issues before Darrow understandably either burned out or moved on, but its nonstop action was so original and so visually impressive I cannot imagine what it would be like onscreen. Perhaps a humbler, kinder and clearer version of El Topo, starring a plumper Jackie Chan or a younger Sammo Hung. Combine that with the sensibility of Big Trouble in Little China and you would have a show that no one has ever seen before.

Add to this the fact that there aren’t any kung fu shows on television anymore (actually TV got boring once it went corporate, but that’s another article), and no one has really tapped the spirit of getting up on Saturday morning and having an old Shaw Brother’s movie on your local channel.

Seriously. This is crazy.

If you can replicate even a fraction of the fantastic look of “Shaolin Cowboy,” you would have an amazing show.