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“The Invisibles” is writer Grant Morrison yet again engaging in his love of weirdness and inscrutability, hatred of authority and order, but it could possibly work as a series.

The plot is simple: Dane McGregor, a rather rotten British lad stumbles into a reality shaping conflict between the Archons of the Outer Church (insane inhuman creatures from a universe which overlaps ours, who have been manipulating mankind to keep us from reaching our innate potential), and the Invisible College (a handful of singular misfits, lead by King Mob, who shoot lots of people). Along the way, Morrison throws so many concepts and references during its run that a volume of annotations had to be released to make sense of it.

I’ll be honest. To me this was an incoherent work by a notoriously unfocused writer. “The Invisibles” confuses density for depth, and runs from concept to concept without ever telling the audience why they should care.

However, I thought the Matrix was badly paced, unevenly acted, and not nearly as deep as it thought it was. It has a huge fan base and a fledgling religion. I thought Donnie Darko was utterly unwatchable, the work of an overconfident charlatan. It inspired incredible devotion among an entire generation. The entertainment market can’t, and shouldn’t, cater to my specific tastes and neither does this list.

There is a place for things that seem deep but aren’t, and “The Invisibles” could fit that role. If this show was made, I can see King Mob jackets being offered at Hot Topic, and teenagers being sullen in new and different ways. “The Invisibles” deserves a shot.