I tried. I really did. But I had to come back to comics. There are going to be a lot of comics movies made in the next few years. But there are thousands of characters out there, and not all will draw a large enough audience to justify their budgets. Soon or later, there is going to be a comic book invasion on the small screen.

Now I’m not talking about Smallville, or the equally flaccid looking Arrow. I’m talking about a show that immediately indicates the potential of the medium, like Blade did. But each company has thousands of characters. Which characters would make good shows?

I’ve come up with ten. It was difficult. I decided to eliminate shows that had been previously explored in the movies, even when the movies sucked. “Jonah Hex” would have been a great show: the original comics told the tale of a monstrous bounty hunter doomed by his past, cursed to be a hunter of men. He never got a square deal, and the only way he had to strike back at life was a lightening gun draw that never missed its target. Or, the brilliant first volume of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.”

In the end this list reflects a diversity of vision. I think these shows could be made with a reasonable budget, which is important. For instance, everyone would watch an Avengers live action show, but who could realistically make the number work? (Aside from Guillermo Del Toro.) Also, I skipped the obvious choices. “The Punisher” would be a great show, especially Garth Ennis’s or Greg Rucka’s versions.

Some just missed. Ed Brubaker’s “Criminal”, “Sandman Mystery Theatre”, “The Wanderers”… it was hard getting it down to just ten. Enjoy the list.

It would be cool, though. Number #11, then.