Out of all the subjects that we discussed for the Prove Me Wrong America! column, this was the easier to write for me. There is a perception that black men prefer white women, and when you see Tiger Woods or Tiki Barber clinging to their Becky like the Titanic is sinking and she’s a life preserver, it’s hard not to come to that conclusion.

It’s wrong though. I can prove this pretty quickly. What’s the difference between the following women?


Because its a trick question. Despite anyone’s avowed preferences if those women walked past you on the street, most black men would find them immensely attractive. Men are basically scavengers. We do whatever is easiest and our principles can disappear at any point. Now that I think of it, black men are basically Mitt Romney.

We may say something differently among ourselves. But it’s talk. We do that a lot.

When men go out, they will generally pay attention to the girl that presents the least resistance. If there’s a gorgeous black woman across a bar waiting for me to approach her properly, buy her a drink, and impress her overall, and a drunken decent looking white trollop that throws herself at me, I will generally take the trollop because its less effort and money. I might look at the other woman. I might pine for her. But I’m probably going with the easier option.

This is not to say that white women are tramps. Women of easy virtue appear in every size, shape and color.

This is a stage of life you might grow out of, but not everyone does.

Ummm. Okay. I guess.

Also, it worth mentioning that for most of our single life, men are pretty pathetic.

But it’s about rejection. Women have no idea how tough you have to be to beat rejection. The more obstacles you place in front of a man, the more opportunities he sees where he could be rejected. And that feeling of not being good enough is so bad for some guys that they would rather settle for a woman that they think is just okay, than be rejected by other ones.  Race generally takes a back seat to rejection.

Oh yeah. One thing.

This is all as long as we are broke or middle class. When black men get money, they start running white women like Jack Johnson. Again, this isn’t because there’s something wrong with black women. This is because they get influenced by the people around them and forget that they are black. Nothing ruins black men like success.

Maybe they shouldn’t have showed him the money.

Everything changes with money, it’s bigger than race. Your diet and exercise habits change violently based on your socioeconomic status. Wealthy people value slender women over almost any quality, and black guys react to that. Sadly, women of color are hit hard by obesity, although a general definition of obesity is often unfair and arbitrary. Also, black women are prevented from entering some of the elite social and business opportunities that athletes and entertainers are suddenly thrust into.

It’s a potent cocktail of suck for black women, I have to admit, and there are no easy solutions, as you are stuck looking for a decent man despite these factors. But what I want to you know with this column, is that there’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to lower your standards for insecure men, but at least you know what’s happening and why.

Plus, don’t you think you kinda dodged a bullet with Kanye West or Tiger Woods?