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2. Captain Atom

Captain Atom is a DC comics character, a rare hero who is in the military and has earned the title of Captain legitimately. He was atomized in an accident, bonded with an alien metal that tapped into the Quantum Field. This allows him to tap and manipulate infinite energy. This also allows him to turn matter into energy and vice versa, which is kind of a big deal, even though he thinks he isn’t very good at it. The Quantum Field also includes a little something called time.

Because this is comics of course, generally writers focus on the fact that he can shoot energy blasts, fly and is rather strong. He is relegated to lesser ensemble books and failing titles.

So here he is getting beat down by Mary Marvel.

Here’s where this gets cool. Legendary writer Alan Moore immediately realized that a character with these abilities is pretty much omnipotent. This character became Dr. Manhattan in the Watchman universe, which was a better representation of what the character should be.

DC got a pitch to reboot the character but then backed out at the last second. The Captain Atom reboot became the character Breach. Breach has vast expanded powers that represent what Captain Atom should have been in the first place.

Breach wipes the floor with Superman 11 fights out of 10.

Captain Atom was rebooted after that, with even more power and the ability to tap into the strong nuclear force that binds protons and neutrons together which again, makes him incredibly powerful. Except now he looks really stupid.

This character will always be misused, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t actually powerful.