3. The Silver Surfer

This is an idea that should have been too preposterous to work. (See Brother Power, the Geek.) To their credit Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a naked silver man on a surfboard who serves as a scout for a giant purple man in a helmet, and this idea has lasted for over forty five years.

Just hanging out. Best buds.

One of the reasons that it works, is that the idea is always taken seriously, no matter how outrageous things get. One of the other reasons, is that the Surfer is one of the most powerful characters in comics history, even if he’s usually too nice to even fight.

The Silver Surfer has complete cosmic awareness. He knows where everything is, and what its made of, which is handy because he can also manipulate matter, including healing wounds or creating life and because he can track a molecule anywhere in the universe. He also has compendious knowledge, on, well, everything. Also, he sees all aspects of time simultaneously, which means at any point he knows the past, present, and future.

Physically, its kind of difficult to even give you a good description of what he can do. He is utterly unaffected by conditions in space, including heat. The Nova Corps (Marvel’s version of the Green Lantern Corps) lists him in the highest category of physical strength and overall power that they’ve recorded. He doesn’t match up to Thor, in fact the power cosmic is so far above the Odinforce that the Surfer recreated and then manipulated it, even making his own version of the hammer.

You said it, buddy.

Honestly the only thing keeping him from being number two on this list (there is NO competition for number one,) is the fact that he has a master, Galactus.