4. Magneto

The X-men should never beat Magneto. Not even when he’s asleep.

Magneto controls the  electromagnetic spectrum. He can use it to manipulate metal, but, and I cannot stress this enough, this is not his only power. Magneto can rearrange matter and energy. This has a lot of implications. He controls lightning better than Storm and can disable every device on Earth. (He was tired of hearing Carly Rae Jensen.) He can create shields that nothing is getting through, even Thor who is tired of being used as an example on this list. He has natural mental defenses, even without the helmet.

But he’s an old man, right? Once you get your hands on him, its basically ground and pound, right?

Go ahead. I’m sure it’ll work out.

Magneto pulls his strength from the Unified Field. He has strength to a Class 100 Level which in Marvel Comics terms makes him as strong and resistant to harm as the Hulk. He knocks out Rogue with a slap, tosses Hercules when he’s tired of being bearhugged, and fist fights Colossus while injured.

Its easy to toss around phrases like “electromagnetic spectrum.” But the visible spectrum that the human eye can see is an incredibly small of part of that spectrum.

Magneto can see colors we can’t, watch radio waves and communication signals rain down from satellites, and look at the sun’s radiation and tell if you’re getting skin cancer or not. On top of that, he can manipulate all of these forces.

So here he is getting defeated by a wooden gun.