5. Supreme

Rob Liefeld hates subtlety. Hates it. Found its car and slashed its tires. His idea was to combine Superman with Doomsday and create a character. Supreme is basically Superman at his most powerful, with a version of Doomsday’s evolution abilities. I cannot pretend this is a character even worth discussing, but he is appropriate for the list.

Supreme has molecules in a constant state of flux, because Liefeld has never opened a scientific textbook in his life. Because of this, he can analyze his opponent on a molecular level and then change his body to adjust to them. He can track energy across the universe.

He just flew through the bad guy’s planet. Hope there wasn’t anyone else on there!

He beats a great deal of very nineties characters that you’ve never heard of. He beats their version of Thor and takes his hammer. Supreme was eventually written by Alan Moore who made it a clever 50’s Superman pastiche, because he realized the character was inherently preposterous. After that… Supreme died.