9. The Flash

The Flash can move at light speed. Its not just running, his reactions are that fast too. But that’s only scratching the surface. He can accelerate his cell growth to create a healing factor. He can speed up or slow down objects around him as he taps into the Speed Force, even shutting down cells in a human brain. Because he has complete control over the molecules in his body, he can phase through objects, enter other planes of existence, or turn invisible.

His rogue’s gallery? Captain Boomerang. Mirror Master. Captain Cold.  Half of the Flash’s enemies are apparently random guys that aren’t made for someone fast. Oh, look, a mind-controlling gorilla!

Now the Flash doesn’t get a lot of respect sometimes because he isn’t strong. Right? The thing is, when you approach light speed, theoretically your mass becomes infinite, mostly because we don’t know how to measure numbers that high. (The energy needed to propel you is also near infinite, because we don’t how to fuel something that goes that fast.) If you actually impact something at this speed, the force is almost infinite. We don’t know how to measure numbers that high either.

So what’s the point of all that? Simple.

If the Flash gets a running start and hits you, its so much force that it cannot be calculated. It might as well be infinite. Also, really interesting things happen when anything moves that fast, that explosively… like generating lightning because you have ripped the electrons of the air particles around you, while simultaneously charging that plasma with the energy you’ve generated. (http://io9.com/5922198/first-actual-photo-of-a-lightning-bolt-being-directed-by-a-laser)


The Flash runs in a trail of lightning that he’s generating because he’s that fast.