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10. Ra’s al Ghul

This Batman villain is described as being anywhere from five hundred to seven hundred years old, or to put it in perspective, slightly younger than Abe Vigoda. He occupied those years, not by knitting or refining his culinary skills, but traveling the world fighting in the great wars, amassing vast wealth, learning strategy and forms of combat, and creating a vile organization dedicated only to death and destruction named Haliburton- er- “The Demon.” His vast experience and skill helps him consistently come in second to Batman, who is in his mid-thirties, and has only a butler and sometimes a ten year old boy with a slingshot.

I’m a girl, Tom!

Here’s the thing, any actual fight with Ra’s al Ghul should last all of two seconds. That’s because of how martial arts and muscle memory work. It has been established that it takes roughly 300-500 repetitions of an action to put that action into muscle memory. Most martial artists believe that it takes 10,000 repetitions to master a technique and that’s how they train. (Even if they’re wrong, would you argue with someone who threw 10,000 punches?) Eventually, those movement become both subtle and deadly efficient. The older you get, the better you are.

Now imagine centuries to practice technique. No one in the Batman universe can match that. This is to say nothing about the compendious strategy that he would learn over all those years. Imagine someone who gained wisdom and experience like no human ever has, but never faded physically. This would be someone impossible to outwit, with the resources of hundreds of operatives, billions of dollars and endless contacts.

And this is how it works out for him. He loses a fight to a guy that CAN’T TURN HIS HEAD.